The library operates within the Office of the Constitutional Court of Slovak Republic. Given its institutional purpose, it is a specialized library exclusively intended for the professional work of judges as well as staff of the Constitutional Court of Slovak Republic.

The library collection with more than 2500 titles/ 6000 items is oriented on constitutional law, national law, international law and European Union law included also jurisprudence, history and political science. The library is the holder of the specialized collection of the documents published by the Constitutional Court of Slovak Republic, complete Legal Codes collection from 1918 and official bulletin published in 1945-1959. The periodicals collection contains 48 domestic and foreign titles.

The library offers basic and specialized services, mainly loan and reference services. In the Library Rules you can find the requirements of the services providing.

The registered users and other persons can find the requested publications through our online catalogue with bibliographic records of monographs, conference papers as well as periodicals.

Create Date: 22. 12. 2016
Last Modified: 8. 8. 2022