„Constitutional Days“ Conference

"Constitutional and Legal Regulation of Proceedings before Judicial Bodies for the Protection of Constitutionality in the V4 Countries – 8th Constitutional Days"

Košice, October 1, 2019

The event was focused on a number of issues related to the basic rules of proceedings before judicial bodies established for the protection of constitutionality and the balance between the constitutional and statutory regulation of proceedings before them. Moreover, the stability and dynamics of legal regulations on proceedings before these bodies and the development of legal regulations in the V4 countries.

The President of the Constitutional Court of Hungary Tamás Sulyok, the President of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic Daniela Švecová, the Public Defender of Rights Mária Patakyová, the President of the Judicial Council of the Slovak Republic Lenka Praženková, as well as other prominent representatives of academia and lawyers took part in the Conference.



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