„Constitutional Days“ Conference

"Judicial and Other Legal Protection of Political Rights - 12th Constitutional Days"

Košice, September 20, 2023

Several distinguished guests attended the conference, both as speakers and as audience members. The main guest was the first Advocate General of the Court of Justice of the European Union, Maciej Szpunar. In his speech he discussed the relationship between European and national law.

Another important guest was the new President of the Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic, Josef Baxa. He was accompanied by Vice-President Vojtěch Šimíček, who gave a presentation on the right to assembly in the first session.

The perspective of the European Court of Human Rights on the current challenges in the protection of freedom of expression was presented in the second session by Miroslava Bálintová, who acts as the Slovak government's Agent before the Court. Several contributions focused on freedom of expression, either in terms of its protection or limitations, which is understandable in the context of the Conference topic, as freedom of expression is the foundation for political rights.

The Conference was also attended by the Prosecutor General of the Slovak Republic Maroš Žilinka, the Public Defender of Rights Róbert Dobrovodský, the President of the Supreme Administrative Court Pavol Naď, the Vice-Presidents of the Supreme Court Andrea Moravčíková and Marián Trenčan, as well as the President of the Slovak Bar Association Martin Puchala. In addition to the dean of the Faculty of Law in Košice Miroslav Štrkolc, the Conference was also attended by the deans of other law faculties, the director of the Judicial Academy, presidents of regional courts, and other representatives of the academia and practicing lawyers. Judges of the Constitutional Court and their judicial advisors were also among the audience.



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