JUDr. Robert Šorl, PhD.

Photo Robert Šorl

judge of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic

b. 1976

In 1994 he began studying two degree courses at Comenius University in Bratislava. However, he left the course of history and German language at the Faculty of Arts and continued only to study law at the Faculty of Law. He graduated in 1999.

Subsequently, he worked as a lecturer and research assistant in the Department of Legal History of the Faculty of Law of Comenius University in Bratislava. In 2000, he worked as an articled clerk for several attorneys in Bratislava. In November 2000, as part of his study of legal history, he passed his titular examination on the topic “Sources of Civil Law in the Period of the First Czechoslovak Republic”. In 2005 he successfully defended his doctoral thesis on the topic “Development of Private Law in Slovakia in the years 1848 – 1950” and he was awarded the PhD degree. In 2005, he passed the bar examination with excellent evaluation and after taking the oath of attorney he was registered in the list of attorneys on 1st August 2006.

Shortly afterwards, after completing a selection procedure, he became a judge of the District Court of Prievidza in January 2007. At this court, he was appointed Presiding Judge of the Joint Civil Law Senate in September 2009. He held this post until March 2012, when he was appointed President of the District Court of Prievidza. As a judge, he decided on civil, commercial, distraint and family matters. In addition, he was also assigned criminal cases as a pre-trial judge.

In addition to his work at the court he participated in the activities of the Commission for Recodification of the Civil Procedure Code. In 2018, he became an external member of the teaching staff at the Judicial Academy of the Slovak Republic. In his lectures he focuses on issues of civil law and the effectiveness of judicial decision-making. In June 2019, the Faculty of Law of Trnava University in Trnava awarded him a commemorative medal for research cooperation.

Throughout his professional career he has published mainly studies in legal history, civil substantive or procedural law. Recently, he has commented extensively on reform issues in the Slovak judiciary. In addition, he was co-author of the Commentaries on the Commercial Code and the Civil Procedure Code.

He was appointed a Judge of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic on 30th September 2020.


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