Former Judges


Judge of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic

in the period from January 22, 2000 to January 21, 2007



Originally university lecturer at the Department of Theory and History of State and Law of P. J. Šafárik University in Košice (later he worked as the Head of this department). In 1994-1996 he was Dean of the Law Faculty of P. J. Šafárik University in Košice. Since 1976 he has been involved in research and pedagogical activity in the field of Theory of State and Law. In 1999 he taught at the Department of Constitutional Law at the Law Faculty of the University of Trnava. He has co-operated for a long time with the Institute of State and Law at the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava.

He is the author of three monographs and several articles and studies in Slovak and foreign professional journals. He has been on many visits to foreign universities and research centres (inter alia in Germany, USA, China, Ireland, Austria, Sweden and Poland). He is the President of the Slovak Section of the International Association for Legal and Social Philosophy (IVR) and a member of the World Executive Committee of the IVR. He is also a member of the European Association for Legislation, which is in Hamburg, and he works on several editorial boards of legal journals issued in the Slovak Republic.

Language skills: German, Russian, English, Chinese, French

He was appointed a judge of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic on January 22, 2000.

Note: CV of judge currently in office at the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic.

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