Former Judges

JUDr. Ľudmila Gajdošíková, CSc.

Judge of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic

in the period from January 22, 2000 to January 16, 2019

Photo JUDr. Ľudmila Gajdošíková, CSc.


After finishing her studies at the Faculty of Law at Comenius University in Bratislava, she started to work at the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs of the Slovak Republic from 1977, where she held various offices from clerk-official to director of legislative department (February 1990 – January 1992). From March 1994 to December 1994 she worked as the State Secretary of the Ministry. She dealt with legislature, working-out the drafts of legal enactments in the field of social welfare, and also decision-making activity. From February 1995 she worked at the Institute of State and Law of the Slovak Academy of Sciences at the office of the Deputy Director of the Institute. Within her research activities she dealt with the problems of social rights, particularly the right of social welfare, theoretical issues of law making and issues of legal protection of the family. From August 1999 she worked at the Chancellery of the President of the Slovak Republic, holding the office of the director of the legislative department.

Until being elected a judge of the Constitutional Court she was, with a shorter breaks, member of Legislative Council of the Government of the Slovak Republic and its two permanent working commissions (for administrative law, labour law and social welfare law). Nowadays she is a member of Legislative Commission of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and a member of editorial board of the journal Právny názor (Legal Opinion).

She is co-author of three monographs, two publications prepared by a team of authors, she has participated in drafting specimens of legal submissions, as well as university teaching textbooks, she is the author of several articles and studies in the field of legislature and social rights.

She was appointed a judge of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic on 22 January 2000. She was re-elected to the office of judge of the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic on 16 February 2007.

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